Organic Mocktail

A quintessential summer day, parched bones and you got a fancy yet healthy guzzle… what else you need for a day 🙂

Whenever I am out for dining, some ornate drinks always attract my thirst, different colors always attract my eyes and I get inclined that way. But one thing always adds to my dilemma -Alcohol. Neither me nor my husband drink alcohol. Even with a plethora of mocktails available to lust you, finding one without alcohol (and good for health :)] is not always easy…… So, let’s see if we can come up with a drink which serves your taste bud, is healthy and most importantly leave your guests awestruck 🙂

To top that off, you don’t have to worry about making another drink for the kids (remember, I mentioned it is healthy :))

So, let’s dive along:


  • Organic/regular Carrots
  • Organic/regular Beetroots
  • Homemade Lemonade(Nimboo Paani) – Lemon juice+Black salt+Sugar+Water (Alternatively, you can use Sparkling Water/Soda)
  • Black grape
  • Some Sugar/Salt
  • And obviously a glass 🙂


  • To start, use the carrots to make carrot juice and keep it aside.
  • Now, make beetroot juice and keep it aside too as both these juices will be used in the last step.
  • Apply some lemon juice to the rim of the glass and coat it with some sugar/salt.
  • Put a black grape in the glass (just for garnishing).
  • Next, pour the already prepared homemade fresh lemonade in the glass to fill the glass about half.
  • Now, pour some Carrot juice to fill 8/10th of the glass.


  • Leave it for a couple of seconds and then pour some beetroot juice very slowly on top of all….

Voila! Sit back and watch the color game, it will turn into a beautiful & colorful drink 🙂


You can choose any kind of fruits/veggies which are available in your market….I was lucky to get carrots & beetroot in the summer time 🙂

So, try this Organic Fancy Mocktail at home and let me know in your comments how you like it.


Tip: Always pour high sugar content first. Because of its high density it is going to sit at the bottom of the glass and will help in giving a nice color with the other juices.


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