Twisted Terra(Arbi) Mousse

As the name of my very first recipe…. it is a little twisted… I know, I know… what you are thinking…. Twisted Terra???? Yesssss , it is Terra(Arbi) Mousse…. When I really like Mango, white chocolate & strawberry Mousses(though they are all different ones) then from where it comes in a corner of my mind….

My sweet sensations were desperately looking for some sweet  everywhere,  in every corner of my kitchen…but unfortunately i didn’t find anything to eat…even a small piece of sweet in kitchen 🙁 Then I noticed some Terra roots in a basket which were trying to fit in the corner 😉 and I opened my refrigerator and found a packet of cream, and some chocolate and decide to make something sweet with these limited options.

So if you wanna know the result of my sweet thirst, then take a look on the ingredients first :

  1. Terra roots or Arbi ( you can find them at any Indian grocery store )
  2. Heavy Whipped Cream( you can choose low fat cream)
  3. Powder Sugar
  4. White Chocolate Chips

        So picked someTerra roots and boiled them…. (it’ll take 15-20 mins to boiled them          completely, and grind these terra roots in a smooth paste)



In another bowl, whisked my heavy cream with some sugar  it’ll take hardly 5 mins)


In a microwave, heat my white chocolate pieces ( for 10 sec first, then accordingly )


Now, its time to come to the most exciting part……

Fold the grinded terra roots with whipped cream & white Chocolate paste very slowly and when it is done then pour the mixture in your favorite glass/ bowl….. and pour some chocolate shavers(optional) on top of it and refrigerate this for 10-15 mins and…terra1


serve it chilled and believe me you will love it like me… 🙂

For more to know whats in my box next, please stay right here  🙂

Thanks for reading


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